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A tale of the ages - the legendary love story of
Yeshua and Sahra, a
saga of karma and

The epic story of
their divine love
and the unfolding
of  the Divine Plan

for our time.

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Praise for The Grail Rises

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Andrew Harvey

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The Grail Rises is a contemporary novel with a twist, based on Swan’s experiences of two and a half decades of journeying with Yeshua at her side, during which time she faced unimaginable darkness and suffering coupled with extraordinary, divine mystical events of immense power.

In the 90’s and early 2000’s, Swan received a series of visionary experiences each  of biblical proportions when she was contacted by Masters of the Divine Realm and asked to undertake a mission of vital importance to the future of Earth. Her life changed completely. However, the road she travelled was rough and thorny and she got extremely sick. After being given three months to live, she went into seclusion to heal herself and commune more intensively with the Divine Masters. After one such near-death-experience, Yeshua appeared to her and commanded her to “break the seals”. She visualised such and immediately automatic writings and memories started pouring through her pen, which she chronicled for decades in the quartet, The Books Of Sahra, Jesus’ Secret Wife, and, now, in this, her latest book, The Grail Rises.

Journey with her as she travels a Divine Feminine heroine’s journey into Yeshua’s secret life two thousand years ago and his secret wife’s return in current times in order to complete their mission. Discover the revelations of a magnificent divine plan to take down the dark forces who have been controlling humanity and the world for millennia!

Not merely a novel, The Grail Rises is catalyst, an epic romantic story of the ages, an awakening, activation and transmission; it takes you on a sacred pilgrimage into ancient secrets, lost mysteries, modern occult forces and contemporary mystical teachings, from the dark halls of London’s masonic cult rulers to the temples of ancient Egypt and Jerusalem and the sacred sites of Cornwall, opening doorways into forgotten knowledge in your soul and catapulting you into dimensions of higher consciousness, the memory of true spiritual illuminations and the secret keys to reclaim your own sacred power.

Book of Sahra

Book I of the Sahra Quartet.
Every few years a book comes along that could change the world forever…

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Jesus spoke:

"It is right.  Go forward.   

Leave behind your old fears. They are no longer your friends.  

They have served you well but it is time now to dry your tears and lift your heart's eye to the stars, for what is long written there will soon come to pass, and your part in the unfolding of the story of the universe will rise with the new dawn.  

Your sun will begin its ascent into the heavenly day of night and shine its glorious bright joyful light to open humanity's heart. 

You are the flower in winter, a golden rose in the snow.  

Let all who know you admire God's divine gift of creation in you, marvel at each gilded petal of delicate perfection.  

Stand tall on your stem of green light.  Receive sunlight rays of radiant warm nourishing balm into the leaves that nurture you, and let your beauty shine with all the colours of creation reflected in the droplets of morning dew that have settled on your golden petals after the long night.  

And remember, above all, you are the flower, and you are the sunlight. 

You are a star that fell out of the night and became the dew in the morning sunlight.  

Each tear dropped silently from the eye that sees all, the heart that feels all, the mind that knows all, is an ocean of compassion for humanity to bathe in, and you are the love that wept it.

And the deep sighing sob letting go of the grief is the breath of life of humanity's release.

So, Light of Heaven, Light of Earth, shine forth your golden glow, God's Rose, be one of the ones who knows.

Light the way of the heart that it may lead to the door of the universe, for you are the heart of the universe, pulse of the earth.

Walk tall and lightly where others fear to tread.

Your garden is the kingdom of the Earth - 

Make of it a golden rose-bed."

Swan, aka Sahra Renata, spent 12 years in seclusion writing the story of Sahra.

Who was Sahra?


Jesus' & Sahra's life together

Their connection to Mary Magdalene

The Divine Plan

Did Yeshua survive the crucifixion?

What happened to their children?

  The relevance of their lives in our day and age

"I was recently reunited with your Secret Wife book again mid December and reread it immediately. During and after reading it, I felt such a strong emanation of Christ with me powerfully for days, which touched me deeply. Thank you for writing it. Another friend of mine was powerfully affected by the Temple Veils and the poetic prose so I have lent it to her. Thank you for these blessings to the world."  Cliona, Healer, Teacher, Ireland.

Clear and bright, and stripped from all artificial ‘literary’ make up, yet every word, every image is well chosen. Her style is fluent and above all spontaneous at such point that I gladly remember the words of Keats: ‘poetry should be spontaneous (or come spontaneous) or should not be.’ 

Human emotions and longings are there, vivid and painted in 1000 colours on every page, but in such a way that Swan always goes right into the depths of life. Her poetry is a real heart-opener.

 For all those who know Swan, Caviar for the soul is a gracious reunion and for all those who do not know her yet, Caviar is a fine acquaintance. 

 Among many others, you will find the beautiful prayer written to her son, from whom she was separated too long as well as an ode to divine love. It is all there.

Patrick Van Buyten (Shaman, Spiritual Teacher, Belgium)






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purple silk
“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”                                                     Rumi

“This is the highest sacred art on the planet today.

This is not just sacred art, it is Divine Emanations.”

Andrew Harvey, Author, Presenter, Luminary

"I was completely moved beyond words. The work is absolutely mind-blowing - so stunningly beautiful. The balance of beauty and energy  created by Swan is totally awe-inspiring. I have never seen anything like it! "

Eric Gustafson, Art critic New York Times

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