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Author of Amazon best-seller The Books of Sahra, Jesus' Secret Wife, Swan was given 3 months to live 21 years ago

when Yeshua appeared at her death-bed and instructed her to break open seals on realms of secret knowledge.

Dr. Swan has taught and spoken throughout the western world to people from all walks of life on how karma and a deeper spiritual awareness is the lost key to living a powerful, peaceful, healthy and abundant life.

As Emissary from the Divine Realm and a Cosmic Rebirther/Divine Feminine Midwife, Dr. Swan realigns individuals, groups and the planet to the new Divine Feminine energies and consciousness, clearing and healing karma to move beyond limitations and control and create a harmonious new paradigm of sacred and conscious living - The Sacred World Renaissance.  She is one of the world's leading experts on karma, understanding its role at the centre of everything, how it plays out and how to heal and clear it.

A psychic and highly experienced mentor, teacher and healer, Dr. Swan trains healers, practitioners, teachers and groups and is the go-to person for physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and energetic problems when all else has continued to disappoint. Swan conveys messages from The Divine Goddess and Yeshua whilst making available guidance on  evolution and transformation creating  potent change and lasting results.

Swan's current syllabus is the culmination of 30+ years’ proprietary healing, evolutionary transformational techniques that she has used to save her own life and that of many others, now incorporated in  SOLEI 17, Sacred Order of Light, Energy & Information 17 that re-organises cells and soul, bringing them back to homeostasis and higher spiritual balance and connection.


22 years ago, when Swan was given 3 months to live with a fatal health condition, she told the doctors it was between herself and God, discharged herself from hospital and went into seclusion to amplify her self-healing. Whilst on her deathbed she experienced a series of visitations and visionary appearances from Master Yeshua (as Jesus was known). Thereafter she spent nearly 12 years in almost total seclusion, learning sacred knowledge and healing from Yeshua, writing the Books of Sahra quartet (under the nom-de-plume Sahra Renata). During those years in sacred communion with the  Yeshua, he revealed to Swan ancient secrets that had been hidden, locked behind seals for thousands of years, until it was time. Yeshua, with Mother Mary, guided her to fulfil her sacred contract to be initiated and illumined by the Ascended Masters and she now brings these illuminations from the Divine Realm to the world. 

The knowledge and expertise Dr. Swan has accumulated through three decades of teaching and healing is now available to everyone through empoweringly transformational self-healing, quantum bio-resonance frequency libraries you can utilise as and when you want, (wifi/bluetooth free) wherever you are.

For two years Swan lived in a remote, forgotten sacred site in Mexico where she experienced great mystical events. She was transported into the Divine Realm for three days, illuminated, then initiated into the Temple of the Jaguar, an initiation that shamans pray never to have to undertake and say no-one has ever come out from. After twenty-five arduous years Dr. Swan completed the initiation successsfully and received the illumination of the Jaguar and its support as her ally. 


Native American elders say "Dr. Swan brings the radical and powerful healing medicine that is necessary at this time, calling her Thunder and Lightning Medicine Woman''.  People reach out to Dr. Swan from all over the world for her teachings and life-changing self-healing and transformational emanations. Mexican and North American elders have given her several honorary names: including Maia Christos, Maia Starwalker as well as Night White Swan.  She has lived, taught and spoken at seminars and events in the U.K., U.S.A., Scotland, Belgium, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Bali, Mexico, Norway and Australia and speaks French, Spanish and Italian.  Swan is also Senior Advisor of the Consciousness & Spirituality Faculty of NewEarth University. 


In 2020, after two and a half decades of practice, preparation, initiation and illumination with Yeshua and divine masters,  Dr. Swan launched her Order of Light which can be accessed through SOLEI 17, a complete quantum oracle, mastery and self-healing system. Those who have already experienced this are saying "this is the most powerful and advanced healing consciousness framework on the planet today. It created a complete reality shift."  They feel "feel clearer, more spacious and light, more expansive and illuminated with a sense of wellbeing as though an inner sun, is radiating out joy. Feelings of bliss and harmony and oneness arise."

The swan is one of the four divine winged ones that flies between worlds to bring messages from the Divine Realm, is a spiritual name endowed by Native American Elders.

NightWhiteSwan is a powerful guide and ambasadoress of the Divine Realm, canvassing for the essential and inevitable Sacred World Renaissance.

Past collaborations with a wide variety of luminaries and thought leaders from all around the world include (to name but a few) Andrew Harvey, Dr. Jude Currivan, Dr. David Hawkins, Steven Sadleir, Michael Beckwith’s Agape Church, Lama Surya Das, Arun Gandhi, Tony Samara, Kane Minkus and Jeff Slayter, (Industry Rockstar Directors), Ervin Laszlo, Dr. Eben Alexander, Raymond Moody, Lynne McTaggart, Jill Purce and Sinead O’Connor, Deva Premal & Miten, Dr. Robert Young, Tom Ballantyne Jr. and more…..

Since 1997 in India Swan has been preparing and visioning her mission of The Sacred World Renaissance, bringing the synergy of sacred living and being back to every day life.

In 2015 Swan created the Global Online PeacePrayer Summit, in which spiritual and thought leaders and leading musicians collaborated with world-wide audiences to generate a wave of healing and peace for the Middle East.

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NightWhiteSwan, India, 1997


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 Audio Testimonial 
Healing a Suicidal Teenager


"Thank you for your voice of truth"
Dr. Robert Young
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