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One of the main things we are undergoing everywhere in the world, albeit consciously or unconsciously, is the clearing of Atlantean energies. Many, if not all, healers, teachers and light workers were incarnated during the era of Atlantis or are connected to Atlantean domains of consciousness in order to heal and transform it.


The trauma of the end when the abuse with dark technology engineered its fall and the demise and collapse into technology abuse is what we are reliving, in order that it be fully reckoned with and transformed.


What many don’t realise is that the era of Atlantis spanned a millennium, and covered vast areas of the world from the Caribbean to western and Central Europe, so any past lives or present life you have in those areas would have been affected by Atlantean energies.


It is vital to clear Atlantean energetic hang-over and trauma in order to create a clean Dna slate, anchor higher frequencies and to be able to advance into the new paradigm of higher light.


You cannot embody and activate your own inner Avatar unless Atlantean business is healed and complete.


approximately 130 frequencies

Atlantean energies...

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