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Eye Protection, Healing and Damage Reversal:


More than 50% of all people suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome. The eyes are amongst our most cherished organs yet in the age of technology we do not protect and take care of them in the ways that we should. Screen, light and pollution damage all cause deteriorating eyesight, vision impairment, pain and eye disease. That is why I created this library, to target the causes, as well as protect against eye damage and prevent disease especially from screen displays, short wavelength blue light and too much bright light, even from the sun. It is imperative to look after your eyes and with custom Genius panels, you have one of the most effective ways to do that.


Even if you believe you have excellent eye health, we all look at screens, among other things we are all susceptible to the damage this technology does. Headaches, blurred vision and eye pain are all preventable side effects of eye damage.


160+ Frequencies

Eye Protection, Healing and Damage Reversal

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