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Root Wellness Supplements

"We harness the power of nature to unlock the human body, mind, and spirit's truest potential." ~ Root

People are raving about their incredible and rapid health results after using Clean Slate, Zero-In and Restore for just a short time, as well as the amazing level of mental clarity and physical energy they are experience. With accelerated recoveries  from all kinds of diseases, including strokes and heart attacks, Alzheimer's, sport's injuries, Chronic Fatigue, diabetes, psoriasis and eczema, fibromyalgia and many others, Root users are on fire with excitement about the benefits of these amazing products. 

Dr. Swan highly recommends both Zero-In and Root restore for optimal mental clarity and extremely beneficial health results, whilst Zeolite has a unique proprietary action of 'scrubbing' clean the smallest heavy metal and toxic particles from your system:

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NewEarth University

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Dr. Swan is a Faculty Senior Advisor at the School of Consciousness & Spirituality of the NewEarth University.


NewEarth University, NewEarth project and International Tribunal for Natural Justice were founded by Sacha Stone. 

NewEarth University (NEU) is the worldwide paradigm-shifting learning community of the NewEarth Project, which unites ancient wisdom with full-spectrum breakthrough technologies and innovations from leading experts in their field – visionaries and pioneers sharing an array of talent and gifts, so that together we fully manifest a peaceful new earth.


View the plentiful free NewEarth University resources of Dr. Swan's and many other luminaries, teachers and healers.


Swan's profile and courses at NEU

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