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General Diease Clearing Info

Clearing & Preventing Cancer & Serious Disease

Dr. Swan facilitates your healing process and transformation through her unique system of evolutionary consciousness and awareness, assisting the patient or student to understand and discern the underlying causes of dis-ease, empowering those who work with her to become divinely guided, aligned and healthy as well as becoming conscious masters of your own life and health.

The spiritual healing of chronic or fatal disease depends largely on the understanding of the pre-existence of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical conditions, soul agreements, sacred contracts, collective toxic issues and karma which can all be transformed through the divine authority to create advanced  alchemical healing, combined with the ability to  pin down extremely accurately the underlying causes, imbalances and conditions that are manifesting as the disease.

{*You can read more about Dr. Swan’s biography here.}

Dr. Swan's Cancer & Disease Healing Collaborative, combines knowledge and forces with leading medical practitioners and healers from around the world who are all dedicated to a new paradigm of healing through resolving the imbalances and underlying conditions that cause sickness and dis-ease, a powerful and superior amalgamation of knowledge available to you to use as frequently as guided in the comfort of your own home.

Using the dedicated app, you can obtain access to these advanced healing tools and benefit from the implementation of these leaders' accumulated knowledge base in quantum bio-resonance frequency form to gain quantum results.


Dr. Swan's most recent success cleared one of her patients from Stage 4 metastatic cancer (prostate and bone/pelvis) in 7 weeks, halving his psa levels in the first two weeks of treatment, with no pain,  few extra costs for supplements, no need for chemo, radiation or fallout. 

we are Clearing cancer  & DISEASE metaphysically TO create physical, emotional and spiritual  health and ease

Just one recent success with clearing Stage 4 Prostrate & Bone in 7 weeks. Psa levels halved every two weeks, reducing from above 1300 to below normal by the end of treatments.



After filling in a detailed questionnaire we create a library of  frequencies that are specifically tailored to your needs - through a process of divine guidance and medical intuition Dr. Swan determines the best possible way for you to heal.

If you are already a Genius quantum bio-feedback user you can work with us to help take control of your own healing process. According to  Dr. Swan's guidance and recommendations, we organise a schedule of treatment sessions, combining sessions we run for you with sessions you run for yourself.

(N.B. This option requires you to have purchased the Genius Insight Health App which is then yours for life or Quanta Capsules which we send you every 8 days. )

For cancer patients we recommend intensive treatment courses, running sessions approximately 5 times a week for the recommended healing time period (which is unique for every patient).


Custom library, updated regularly, frequencies designed specifically for each individual's situation, history, prognosis and type of cancer.


Genius sessions using Dr. Swan's extensive cancer program in combination with physical, metaphysical and many other types of hugely beneficial frequencies.


The cancer program (libraries) are worth  £3000+ As a patient, these frequencies will be run on you through each genius session (included in the custom bundle cost). If you wish to own the frequencies as well, they are available at a discount for patients. 


The Genius Application is the device used to cure and revoke the cancer (paid for separately), more information on Genius here.


In addition to the custom frequencies and sessions, you may be given advice on decisions that could effect your overall health. As a spiritual advisor Dr. Swan has provided to many people incredibly accurate  guidance and recommendations. 

*We are offering 30% discount on frequency libraries for the first 2 weeks

of each cancer healing course. 


We work together to create the best possible outcome for your patient.

Based on Dr. Swan's guidance,  we agree a plan for your patient for which we create the patient's custom library.

We collaborate to create a healing schedule, with you, the practitioner, running the majority of sessions. We run 1 or 2 a week, depending on the patient's level of critical condition and needs.


Custom library for your client, updated regularly, frequencies designed specifically for each individual's situation and type of cancer, acute or chronic disease.


Advice/recommendations on treatment schedules from Dr. Swan in collaboration with the practitoner, limited to a certain number of calls.


The cancer program (libraries) As a practitioner, you can also run these frequencies on your client for high level results. They are available at a discount in this bundle for practitioners. 


The Genius Application is the device used to cure and revoke the cancer, more information on Genius here.

Please note, to work on clients you must already be au fait with the Genius app,  a seasoned user genius practitioner.


In addition to the custom library and cancer program, you may be given advice on decisions that could effect your patients overall health. As a spiritual advisor Dr. Swan has provided to many people incredibly accurate recommendations. 



Dr. Swan has been working to help patients heal from cancer and prevent serious disease for more than two and a half decades, a journey that started with profound mystical experiences more than twenty-five years ago.

Undergoing rigorous training in shamanism, past-life regression, psychotherapy and alternative healing modalities Swan was taken completely by surprise by events that took place at a conference in Mexico in 1998 which came through her life like a hurricane, leaving nothing unchanged.

At the conference Swan was sought out by a group of strangers who had brought a very sick (with Stage 4 cancer) woman all the way from the U.S.A. to the conference to find her. The group were guided by Spirit who had instructed them to just get the woman there and that Swan, or Manda (her name then) would help her. The woman had been given weeks to live and was bed-ridden, only able to be moved in a wheelchair, not leaving her room. What happened next defied all known parameters that those involved were aware of at the time.

That afternoon Swan, daunted and astonished, carried out prayers, bravely trusting her guidance and intuition as best she could, giving instructions and guidance on what the woman needed. The following morning the woman appeared in the dining room breakfast, not just walking, but dancing.

Since then, Swan has helped hundreds of people heal from incurable conditions, including many with cancer, through her intuitive healing, medical mediumship and metaphysical expertise.

The understanding of the underlying causes of any person’s dis-ease combined with divine guidance help Dr. Swan determine what are the vital keys, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally, to facilitate someone’s ability to heal and transform serious or fatal conditions.

At the conference in Mexico, Swan was handed a pair of sandals by one of the participants, who said “I was told in my meditation this morning to gift you these. It’s about following in the footsteps of Yeshua apparently.” Since that time, there have been many other random and spontaneous messengers and signs, all of which Swan has followed dilligently, traveling all over the world to meet elders of ancient spiritual traditions and healers of the land and be initiated into the most powerful healing temples and mystery school traditions of the world. She is rigorously trained and guided at all times by Yeshua and, in following his guidance, is able to navigate realms of healing few others know about. She has been arduously initiated and prepared to become an emissary of the Christess, the divine feminine aspect of Christ which heals, evolves and transforms through embodiment, intuition, sacred knowledge and power and divine emanation.     

Dr. Swan's Cancer/Disease Clearing Ethos



How frequency works on cancer and disease.

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