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Updated: Aug 21, 2023


A Spiritual Overview of the

Catastrophic Attack on Maui

I have written a spiritual overview of the situation in Maui in order for healers and lightbearers to facilitate the most profound and expedient healing and divine re-alignment of the island and inhabitants after the devastastion experienced there.

This spiritual overview is an explanation of who, what and why, insights and understanding to help all reconcile the devastation that is being experienced there in the most spiritual and emotionally authentic, balanced way and highest way.

There are facts I am seeing that might trigger feelings of discomfort in some people - this is not my intention. The purpose of the information I’m sharing here is to help understanding of the bigger picture and healing of the devastation so that a re-birth can be lovingly nurtured and something even more beautiful and powerful can rise out of the ashes.

The first thing that came through to me right away when I saw the news of the Maui attack is that this was not an act of Deep State. It was not a land grab. That is not to say that there aren’t those who might wish and attempt to carry out a land grab now, but I am sure this was not the targeted outcome of the event. There are various agendas simultaneously at play here, but I am assured by Yeshua that was not the agenda of those who struck Maui. I’ll talk more about this later.

The next thing I saw was demonic energies, evil forces in lower physical and etheric planes there that had to be taken out. They had to be destroyed and this was the only way. A lot of this was deep underground. These satanic forces could not be allowed to get away. The attack had to be fast, effective and complete. Underground they were surrounded around the permiteter of a vast area - there was no escape. There had to be no escape above ground either.

What Yeshua is showing me is that if this attack had not taken place, something far far worse would have happened. Far, far, far worse. The demonic forces that were almost completely obliterated that day were part of a bigger plan. There would have been an event, or events, that could have taken out as many as 100,000,000 people. They wanted to bring America to its knees.

That is the outline. I don’t want to get too much into the nitty gritty of the geo-political war that is taking place. For now, it is enough to know that this was perpetrated by a third party, a party that is working neither for the dark nor the light, per se, but for the greater good of the Universe. I do not say this lightly. It is being shown to me that had this situation in Maui not taken place, what would have happened on Earth would have affected the entire Universe. It probably would have been a synchronised nuclear attack on many cities. If not nuclear, possibly bio-weapon, but nuclear is resonating more strongly; perhaps even both.

I have not been shown details on this but I am shown that here was also something in Lahaina that was a major threat to American national security. Something was about to go down, that had to be stopped. This is related to intel and a potential breach or maybe hackers.

Now I’m going to give the spiritual overview, which is extremely important, because it gives you the higher perspective that gives you the right context for healing and creates the container for transformation, evolution and resurrection.

Information = understanding

= insight = awareness

= feeling = healing

= transformation = evolution

= resurrection.

There is always karma in any drama that unfolds. There are some teachers and healers purporting that karma has been done away with, abolished. This is simply not true. It is erroneous and dangerous. To remove the context of karma removes the potential for radical healing and evolution. Karmic laws and the Akashic blueprint of karma have changed, yes, evolved for our times. You can see the new laws of karma on my website: Whilst the new laws are already in place, the old karmic laws are still playing out their last dances. We must look at Maui from this perspective.

The unconscious creates outside of itself in order to be recognised, healed and transformed. Karma is invariably held in the unconscious. It has to be given an opportunity to be healed and cleared because it is holding back any and the world around them with unfinished karmic business. Ergo, karma will activate circumstances that allow, or create the opportunity for, healing.

Karmic law is such that when you have cleared your karma, personal and collective or group karma, you no longer have the programmes or the unconscious need to create the reality and magnetise events of this nature into your lives.

Everyone who lost a life, home, business, anything in Maui, had unfinished karmic business. I’m sorry to have to say this because I know people will react, but it is a fact. This does not mean they were/are bad people - there is no good or bad judgment here - it simply means that the time had come when those people had to face karma from past/other lives in order for their soul evolution and Earth to progress.

One of the things not many realise is that karmic soul patterns re-group and reincarnate in the same groups in parts of the world where their karma ties them to unfinished business.

Every soul who lost a life in Maui had been a Japanese soldier in World War II; either in the invasion of Singapore, where people were treated appallingly, or were involved in the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Losing their life at this time was not a punishment, but a completion of their karmic legacy that had to be resolved, one way or another, because humanity has to ascend with the Earth now. Those who had cleared their karma would not have been there, could not have been there - their karmic signature or vibration would have been living in a faster frequency that would have had them be in a different place at that time. I have seen this happen many times. I myself have been moved out of karmic situations many times, prevented from going places where there were major disasters, hurricanes, all kinds of disastrous scenarios.

Next, there is still an imprint in and around the Hawaiian islands of the devastation of Pearl Harbour. This had not been cleared so the energetic signature that electro-magnetically attracts the events it needs in order to heal evolve and transform was still vibrating the programme of attack and disaster. I know Pearl Harbour is not in Maui, things are not so literal. But there were energies in Maui related to that. Many of those Japanese Air Force soldiers were reincarnated and living in Lahaina - this was their karma. Some maybe could have cleared this karma and avoided this outcome to their lives. Others were not meant to have longer lives but came to sacrifice themselves in order to clear their karma and help awaken and heal humanity and clear the past.

In addition, there is another aspect to the karma that is being resolved through this trauma. Another subject that can be unpopular in the new age, but sadly true, is that the spiritual movement has, in large swathes, been misdirected and self-serving. Some people have not cared about the suffering beyond their world of crystals, candles yoga and chanting. This misaligned movement had to be brought out of its off-track mystical trance and brought into a deeply embodied heart-felt grounded state of Oneness with the rest of the world.

What happened in Maui has been experienced, often in far greater devastation, by far grater numbers of people all over the world; largely in the Middle East and Africa. Too many have been dissociated in their own spiritual bubble. They didn’t care or want to know. This is a painful but necessary karmic lesson because none can ascend into higher dimensions unless they graduate through the lessons of Oneness and Compassion, and that must extend to all suffering all over the world. There is no 5D living if members of the world family are left to suffer and struggle or forgotten about whilst we swim with dolphins and do tai chi.

Finally, people will ask, “Why did God not stop it or why did God do this to us?”

I have partly answered this with the above. But let us be clear, God did not do this! Nor did God allow it to happen.

Most of us know God is not an old man with a long white beard sitting on a throne in the sky, but the Divine, Source, Creator God that does exists is not in charge of this. We are in the new paradigm, although we are still clearing out the old. The Divine Feminine, Goddess is overlighting humanity for the next two thousand years, but She did not do this either.

It was allowed to happen, yes, because:-

1. it avoided a far worse scenario,

2. because dark forces had to be cleared,

3. karma had to be completed urgently

4. more importantly, most importantly, because of all the healers and level of consciousness of people in Maui, Maui actually has the capacity to heal faster and more easily than most other parts of the world. Furthermore, the community consciousness is strong enough there that locals will gather together, combine forces, share resources and step up in a way that would not happen so readily in most other parts of the U.S or Earth.

There are teachers and presenters who are saying that the dark astral forces, as well as karma, are all gone. This is not true. This is not accurate. There are still the last bastions to clear out. That is what is actually happening in many parts of the world, not just Maui. Parts of Africa, Asia, China - Beijing and the Three Gorges dam - these are all still needing and undergoing clearing. The more we step up to the light, do our part inwardly and without, heal and integrate duality within, the faster and sooner it concludes.

We are almost at the end of a long war with complex psy-ops and theatrical plays and casualties are inevitable - we need to remember there are no accidents, no-one perishes unless it is their karma and the fallout is far less than it could have and probably would have been.

It’s important for the less aware to be blasted out of their slumber, and this doesn’t happen unless events of this scale take place on home ground or more familiar territory. In this shift of the ages not stone can be left unturned and no-one remains untouched until all remember all! Now we get to evolve beyond enemy consciousness, transcend through duality to integrated higher ground. Do not fall into the trap of immediate screams of “Deep State”! Much of what we are seeing is White Hat aligned ops to expose the Deep State. This was a horrible incident and my heartfelt love, compassion, healing and prayers goes out to the islanders but also must extend to all who have suffered in this way.

Yeshua says to those who are awake that it is time to wind down the drama and hold the light for those who are still experiencing suffering. Those who are on the right side of the light will be helped. Everyone must face their shadow and their karma.

It has been all too easy to ignore or forget the terrible atrocities that have been perpetrated, largely, but by no means only, by The U.S and the U.K. The Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan. Millions dead! Millions of lives and homes destroyed! They are all our world family as much as Maui and this is all collective karma that has to be re-balanced and cleared so we can move ahead into the new era with a clean slate.

We are asked to focus our attention now on healing not just for Maui, but for the entire world family. We pray and visualise restitution of land to the Hawaiian indigenous people and for all who have lost homes to be beautifully re-housed and a new, harmonious balance to be found. Healers and light-bearers are asked to visualise a beautiful rebirth to rise up from the ashes - for Maui particularly at this time but also for the entire suffering and struggling world family.


I’m so sorry

Please forgive me

I thank you

I love you

Addendum 21/8/23:

A friend made a very valid and important point - why would any organisation not working for the dark, ruin the lives of and kill so many innocent people?

When looking at the spiritual overview, this is so hard to integrate and accept, but I do have two responses to this point.

1. Unfortunately, tragically, in a war there are always many innocent victims, and we have been in a war, unseen actually, for a very long time. It seems the pandemic has been allowed to go ahead in order for millions of unaware people to wake up to the truth. Millions who have died or suffered from covid bio-weapon side effects could also be considered “innocent” victims. This brings me back to the spiritual truth……..

2. Karma! It sound so brutal, but the devastating realisations of karma, when you are self-realising, are that karma is devastating! When you realise all the ways and lives in which you, be it inadvertently or wittingly, have cause dire knock-on effects and to how many people in how many ways and in how many lives, you want nothing but to clear your karma by making amends.

This is what all who died in the Maui attack have done. They have made the ultimate sacrifice to clear their own karma and to help re-balance and make amends. When you see it from the highest spiritual perspective, Christess-Christ Consciousness, from a deep place of feeling and compassion but without being entangled emotionally (because you have healed those emotional areas within self), you realise it is in fact a beautiful thing. Your heart wells up, tears flow from your eyes, and you sink deeper and more powerfully into the divine power and truth of your own divine soul, you bow your head, bend your knees and sink to the ground in the absolute awe-filling, unequivocal surrender to the incredible might, love and wisdom of the Divine.

People have to wake up! People have to ascend, through the transformation of their consciousness and their karma. The time is now. We are in the Shift of the Ages. Nothing that is misaligned can go forward. It is a 12,000 year watershed. We all have a pre-incarnational contract with the Divine for these times - in simple terms, “Shape up or ship out”.

As we consciously do the Christess-Christ work, we are more and more able to view the world from this perspective of the Christos, that Yeshua lived and demonstrated, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Not a religion, but his way of healing, consciousness, transformation, awareness, evolution. Not because you have to be in a religion, but because he had arrived at a point of learning and embodiment that all have to arrive at in order to become enlightened and ascend.

It is not a linear or easy path. It is often brutal. Sacred can be savage! Yet, when we know that savagery within ourselves, our feelings and reactions to it, we understand it, we view it with insight and compassion, and we become the healers that can transform mountains.

It is Christess-Christ Consciousness that can transform our world faster than anything. They say one fully Christ-Conscious person (and that does not mean merely being good at paying lip service to what it is imagined is involved!) can bring light to the whole world. What if tens of us were doing this? Or hundreds?

This is the way we heal Maui, and bring change, healing love, light and consciousness to the rest of the world.


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