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Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Wanderers are beings of intrinsically more advanced consciousness who have come to Earth during our age to assist humanity and the earth to evolve. They have agreed to be here, not always happily as they did not need to come here for their own evolution or karma, and frequently have a very difficult time reconciling their knowledge, powers and abilities with the limitations of our current human conditions.

Some wanderers have had minimal earth experience in previous lives as they come from different, more advanced, civilisations and universes. They may have had as few as five previous earthly lives of their own. Some have only had between one and three lives. The latter only come at certain pivotal, epochal times, e.g. at the beginning/end of eras every two thousand, or even twelve thousand years.

In order to navigate the largely unknown territory of human existence, wanderers take on, in different ways and forms, aspects of consciousness of other souls’ lives, through imprinting, spliced or braided soul fragments and overlays. They also take on the karma and soul/spirit energy of soul extensions, soul cousins or soul great great grand parents/children, for example.

These borrowed past lives feel surreal - you experience the memory and feelings and know you were there but at the same time, they do not quite feel like you. This is why many can have the experience of being the same previous incarnation, like Cleopatra (unless they are tapping into collective consciousness or the Akashic Realm, which is a different conversation).

The energies, troubles and traumas of these borrowed life essences assist the wanderers to have the inner awareness needed to exist here on Earth more easily, to be drawn and guided to places and situations they need, to be of immense service in those environments, to undergo lessons and growth opportunities for their own evolution of particular masteries and to hone skills and abilities of wisdom, love and understanding. They will often have to navigate terrible darkness, fight vicious astral battles, and fend off aggressively antagonistic attacks from those around them.

They, like all humans, take on the essence of one of their great grandparents either seven or eight generations back, ergo they are reaping the inherited consequences and karma of the actions of that ancestor and their purpose is to clear, heal and transform such to remove it from that family drama database.

The numerology of their birth date will most often be a master number higher than eleven, usually twenty-two, thirty-three, forty-four or fifty-five and they will relate vibrantly to the number 17, which is the highest number vibration, as the number of the Divine Goddess.

Wanderers tend to have incredible gifts and quite a variety of them. The new children being born on Earth, many of whom are wanderers, are assisting the renaissance of soul-drenched creativity and divinely inspired living.

Life for wanderers is challenging and very hard on their physical bodies as they attempt to ground their higher light frequencies into the deeper, darker densities of the earth they have been incarnated in.

They will unconsciously or completely inadvertently, through no fault of their own, attract a huge amount of opposition. “Normal’ people around wanderers, often completely unconsciously, react negatively to them, feeling uncomfortable because the wanderers, to them, do not feel quite real or normal or their power can feel overwhelming. Their intrinsic light or power tends to jar less conscious people (who might not know or want to accept that they are less evolved) and so they often encounter intense resistance. This serves to force the wanderer to grow in incredibly subtle ways, scrutinising and refining their attitude, consciousness, actions and powers in the details that are minutiae to most other humans.

Not only do humans around them consciously or unconsciously do obscene amounts to obstruct the wanderers, they often actively, openly sabotage them, instead of supporting them, finding ways to block or steal their light, their power and the energy of the sacred contracts that were set up to support them in their lives.

Furthermore, dark forces, negative astral entities, demons and vampiric energies will be magnetised to the frequency light code they emit, to interfere with their progress, disrupt, undermine and wreck the wanderer’s efforts and mission, even destroy their relationships, work and lives, forcing the wanderer to the brink of desperation, even suicidal thoughts.

These forces will find the easiest way to get to a wanderer, invariably piggy-backing on someone close to the wanderer who is not sustaining such a clear and high vibration, using that person as a proxy to carry out their evil efforts at making life unbearable for the wanderer. Killing the wanderer would be too easy - the dark self-serving entities obtain more by making their lives misery, and sucking off that darkness.

Wanderers, due to the natural laws of duality, attract narcissists, egomaniacs, psychopaths, border-line personalities, abusers, thieves, hypocrites, false pseudo-spiritual and selfish, mean people into their lives and are often born into families heavily imbued with these traits. Life for the wanderers is very very hard. Material and emotional support tends not to come easily and they often feel abandoned, alone and overwhelmed with the challenges. They have to work very, very hard to keep their own egos in check and remain conscious of the most subtle levels of all they are dealing with.

Although these lessons do ultimately instil in the wanderers extremely advanced abilities of insight, higher communication, healing gifts, immense creative talent, even shining brilliance, they suffer terribly and have to have huge hearts to withstand the traumas, betrayals and battering they go through.

Wanderers are here not just to be the way showers, teachers and light-bearers, but literally forge new streams of energy and consciousness through the darker levels of stuck energy of the old era and regimes.

If you meet a wanderer, you will know it. They are not like other human beings. They have a special kind of light and energy, and exude an emanation of greater knowing and more finely tuned awareness than most other beings. They have difficult lives, way beyond normal challenges, and it is hard for others to understand why they are struggling so. Wanderers deserve and really need all your love, support and understanding, Moreover, assisting a wanderer will endow you with great gifts, help shift your karma rapidly and advance your own soul journey exponentially. Helping them succeed, which most out of resentment or jealousy (frequently unconsciously) do not like to do, will also actually evolve your own soul evolution and divine connection exponentially.

It is not easy to be around a wanderer. Their very existence pushes you to outgrow your limitations and face self-serving traits and they will bring up all that is not truth or light in you for your own highest good. They are potent mirrors who reflect to you all that is not right with you or the world.

When a wanderer can evolve through the painful and profound inner transcendence of these lessons, he or she becomes an unstoppable force of great potency that ultimately can embody the Christess-Christ power and light and become a shining example of a powerfully empowered, truly sovereign way of living and being thereby uplifting humanity and raising the consciousness and vibration of the earth momentously.

Help the wanderers and you help yourselves, humanity and the entire earth!


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